On Fri, 1 Jan 2021, Mark Sapiro wrote:

On 1/1/21 11:48 AM, jack...@encompasserve.org wrote:

Then neither of those instances is the one sending the notices. You need
to look at the chain of Received: headers in the notice to find the IP
of the server that is originating them. Then you have to find all the
Mailman installations on that server to see which one has the list with
the pending request.

There's only a single Mailman installation on each of the instances.

True, 'A' is sending the email but 'B' has them held in the web UI.

At the risk of exhausting everyone's patience...

What I'm still struggling with is why tomorrow, 'A' will email
(I'll go in on web admin on 'A' there'll be nothing there).  I go in
on admin on 'B' the exact ones reported in the 'A's email will be
there, I'll discard them, 'B' will then say none pending, then
tomorrow the cycle repeats.
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