Debian advised me to create a mailing list called "mailman" after
installing mailman, saying that mailman wouldn't work until it had at
least one list to go off of.  Now that I have another list, called
something other than "mailman", is it OK to delete the list named
"mailman"?  (And thus have no publicly accessible lists?)
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As a general rule, if you have questions regarding sensitive security issues, 
you can post them to [EMAIL PROTECTED], which is a closed distribution list.

Please do not otherwise discuss sensitive security issues on any public mailing 
list, until such time as an official announcement has been made, including 
availability of a patch, etc....

Even if the issue has been publicly discussed in other forums, you should wait 
for the official announcements before discussing them publicly, whether on 
mailman-users, mailman-developers, or elsewhere.

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