On 10/11/2016 01:46 PM, Dominik Hoffmann wrote:
> I have followed Allan Herman's March 29, 2013, instructions for installing 
> Mailman on OS X Mountain Lion. The difference is that my system is OS X El 
> Capitan running Server 5.2. Nonetheless, I have not run into any 
> contradictions. It appears that the choices for the locations of the various 
> configuration files made when transitioning from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Mac 
> OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion have remained stable.
> However, I am now banging my head against the wall, because my server's SMTP 
> logs contain these lines:
> > Oct 11 16:04:04 i----on local[56963]: fatal: execvp 
> > /usr/share/mailman/mail/mailman: No such file or directory
> Allan installs his Mailman deployment in /usr/local/, and I have learned that 
> in one of the more recent iterations of OS X, Apple chose to lock down 
> /usr/share/, so that even the sudo command does not make modifications 
> possible, which I learned, when I tried to create a simlink there. I kept 
> getting the "Operation not permitted." error. I learned that this is due to 
> System Integrity Protection (SIP), introduced in OS X El Capitan.
> I am now on a quest to locate from where the call to mailman originates, so 
> that I can edit the corresponding configuration file, replacing "/usr/share/" 
> with "/usr/local/".

It comes from PID 56963 which looks like a Postfix 'local' delivery
agent instance. I.e., it's in your Postfix aliases.

I don't know how these aliases are generated in your setup, but assuming
you have Mailman's Postfix integration, that path comes from the
WRAPPER_DIR setting in Mailman/Defaults.py. That in turn is based on
EXEC_PREFIX which is often the same as PREFIX. These things are set from
options to configure when Mailman is configured.

Did you start your installation by running configure? If so, what is the
configure command from config.log, is there a --prefix= option or a
--exec-prefix= option - the defaults for these are
--prefix=/usr/local/mailman and --exec-prefix=(the prefix value).

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