After upgrading to Mailman 2.1.26 via ports in FreeBSD 11.1 and a reboot of the 
server, I just could not start Mailman at all. It would not indicate any error. 
The Mailman logs here: /usr/local/mailman/logs did not record anything.

On second looks, I found that, after the upgrade, the write permissions for all 
logs under /usr/local/mailman/ logs had been removed. All log files had only 
read permissions for user and group. After adding write permissions (chmod 660 
*) to all log files, I could restart Mailman again, and everything works again.

I am not sure this has happened before but just wanted to send this note to the 
list for the record just in case it is a problem no one had before. And I am 
sorry if I am reporting a solution to a well-known problem.

Does anyone have an idea what could have changed the write permissions for the 
logs during an upgrade? I use portmaster under FreeBSD.

P.S.: I was subscribed before and have resubscribed now.
Amardeo Sarma

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