On 2/13/2018 12:29 PM, Keith Seyffarth wrote:
If you're installing from ports, whether building from within the ports
tree or using a port management tool like portupgrade or portmaster, you
are installing from source.

...installing using the source code of whatever version the port is configured for and with whatever patches the port maintainer decided to include. This as opposed to installing the version -you- want with the options that -you- want to use. For some software, the port (and pkg) can lag significantly behind the current released version (as it happens, the current pkg is .25 and the current port is .26 from about 4 days ago but there were some updates to that from less that 24 hours ago).

I'll stick with my preference of installing mailman from it's original code tarball and not from a port; it's served me well for years.

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