Hi all,

I have 3 mailing lists sent up for myself and my wife, so we both get
emails for 1 address. I have limited room on my server space and I want all
emails to pass through and none to be

[image: image.png]

I have got help on this list before for this issue,
_but_ the lists are still archiving, see picture above, This might not
sound like much but I only have about 30MB to play with my allotment so
it's *very *tight.

I can ask my isp to delete and have done ion the past but I want to set it
up so it's 100% pass through.

Currently, the lists are setup as follows:
[image: image.png]
Non-digest options -> scrub_nondigestis set to No.

I have tried the cpanel forum before with no help given.

How are things getting stored?

Any help much appreciated.

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