Thanks for telling me about brian, My mailing lists are
used for my wife and me so we can get emails from the school and kids
activities with a single parents@ address, very low volume. Similar for
utility bills@ address. So such a solution is overkill.

I see my original picture showing my settings was excluded, here it is:

Mark, the kids clubs and utility billing companies mostly send HTML emails
and.or pdf newsletters.

I am unsure how setting Digest options -> digestible to No would help?
There are no digests sent anyway, my wife has no reason to go into the
options, etc.

It's surprising to me that mailman has not considered this simple use-case
and as a result, it's over-engineered for this use case. Most people think
it should not accumulate emails with all these options set and the solution
is to ask one's isp to clear out space every so often. For there to be no
option that 100% stops accumulation at this stage of the products life is a
little bizarre and silly imho.

Would mailman consider adding a bypass option so it simply forwards the
emails to the 2 email addresses on the mailing list?

Maybe there is a CPanel option to do this other than mailing lists, I have
not found it. Forwarders do not alow 1 address to be forwarded to 2 as far
as I can see.

As always, thanks for yer paitence.

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