With the update to "macOS" 😐 Sierra, Mailmate (v 1.9.5 - 5263 and then 5268) has started giving sound notifications -- first "glass" and then "blow," I think. I've turned them off in two places:

* System Prefs > Notifications > Mailmate (alert style - none, and all checkboxes unchecked), and * Mailmate prefs > Counters > Sound pulldown -- x4, one for each corner, all are set to "none"

(In passing, that counter UI might be for confusing for users who are new and/or less willing/able to put the time in -- but I digress.)

I've also restarted Mailmate, rebooted, etc but my preference don't seem to stick completely -- "glass" (or whatever) has gone away but "blow" remains," even for messages that are set to mark as "read when I filter them.

Any suggestions about how to make it stop would be warmly welcome. Thanks!

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