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So, what I would like to do is, that I can flag/mark/... a mail so that I will see it again automatically after a specific period if I didn't receive any answer.

Any ideas how I could do such work-flow with MM and maybe a bundle or script or whatever it takes?

I think you should be able to achieve something along these lines using a smart mailbox.

For example, you could create a new smart mailbox -- let's call it 'Unanswered' -- and set it up as follows:

        Any of
            [Sent Messages]
        All of
            [Date] [is not within last] [10] [days]
            [Message-Id] [is not in] [All Messages] [In-Reply-To]
            [Message-Id] [is not in] [All Messages] [References]

This would then show you all messages you had sent more than 10 days ago for which you don't have any reply/follow-up (caveats like 'misbehaving' mail clients that don't put in the 'In-Reply-To' or 'References' headers notwithstanding).

(Note that you have to choose the 'Other...' option to select the 'Message-Id', 'In-Reply-To' and 'References' headers for the criteria here.)

Now, that's based on *all* sent messages that haven't received a reply. If you wanted to see this only for certain messages, then you could use a tag: put that tag onto the sent messages you want to be reminded about, and add another Condition to the smart mailbox for:

    [Tags] [contains] [Need Reminder]

(or whatever you call the tag).

Once you've set up this 'Unanswered' smart mailbox, you have a few options about how you can be told when messages are matched by it. For a start, you can have it show a counter in the mailbox list using the Displayed Count options in the Mailbox menu. You can also set up other hints, like a dock icon counter, or menu bar counter, or system notifications, by choosing this mailbox for one of the options in the Counters pane of MailMate's preferences.

There are probably several other ways you could achieve this, but basing it on a smart mailbox seems like a good way to make the most of MailMate's flexibility.

Hope this helps!

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