Hi, I have to deal with about 100 emails a day and many concurrent action 
threads. Those action threads are lasting from a couple of days up to several 
months. For business related things I'm using a CRM system to keep track of all 
activities. However, I don't want to use a CRM for my private things too ;-)

So, what I would like to do is, that I can flag/mark/... a mail so that I will 
see it again automatically after a specific period if I didn't receive any 

Any ideas how I could do such work-flow with MM and maybe a bundle or script or 
whatever it takes?

I'm using Gmail as mail backend and know that I can program it with JS. Maybe a 
combination of MM action and Gmail recognizing it?

Viele Grüsse.


Robert M. Münch, CEO
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Saphirion AG
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