Hi guys!
I'm quite new to MailMate, impressive program, the only MUA I've really enjoyed, ever. (Well, I do like Mutt, but I'm having trouble surviving with only a non-GUI MUA ...)

A few questions:

1. Can I set the HTML preview in Composer to show/split vertically instead of horizontally? ☺️
2. Can I set account to **not** appear in unified views?
(I have an account I only use for archiving, would be nice to have it appear in all views for Inbox, Drafts etc. 3. When encrypting/signing with GPG, I have two keys for the same email address
(I'm planning on revoking one soon).
-- How do I select which is used (if possible)?
4. Is it possible to mute a folder or an entire IMAP account?
(I have some mailing lists I have to be on, but I'd rather just archive everything for future reference.)

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