Hi Benny, I see that r5460 tries to address the tag completion issue I had previously reported (ticket 1913). Unfortunately, something's still wonky with case sensitivity of tags. Before upgrading from r5443, I had a "TODO" tag, with an associated emoticon defined. But after upgrading, somehow, I now have both "TODO" and "Todo" tags in my preference pane. I _think_ what happened was that I typed "TO" and then just hit return twice without looking at how the tag got completed. For some reason it completed as "Todo" rather than "TODO". That's my best guess anyway.

But it gets odder. All my existing "TODO" tags seemingly got converted to "Todo", and any new "TODO" tags I attempt to create instead get created as "Todo". Both "TODO" and "Todo" are offered as completions, but regardless of which one I select, I end up with "Todo".

In addition to the (minor) inconvenience of nit preserving case, this means the emoticon I created for "TODO" is not utilized.

I used mixed case tags a ton; some are all lower case, some all upper, and some a mix. I haven't seen this issue with other tags yet, but it seems like it's certainly possible for this to occur on my other tags.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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