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MailMate has an auto-create feature to easily create new tags (which is triggered when entering an unknown tag name). It shows a “warning” sheet the first time which can then be suppressed if the user tells it to do so.

It may be informative to look at the formal syntax definition for IMAP at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3501#section-9 and especially take note of these snippets:

        (1) Except as noted otherwise, all alphabetic characters
        are case-insensitive.  The use of upper or lower case
        characters to define token strings is for editorial clarity
        only.  Implementations MUST accept these strings in a
        case-insensitive fashion.

    atom            = 1*ATOM-CHAR

    ATOM-CHAR       = <any CHAR except atom-specials>

    atom-specials   = "(" / ")" / "{" / SP / CTL / list-wildcards /
                  quoted-specials / resp-specials

    flag            = "\Answered" / "\Flagged" / "\Deleted" /
                  "\Seen" / "\Draft" / flag-keyword / flag-extension
                    ; Does not include "\Recent"

    flag-keyword    = atom

I believe this means that IMAP keywords are case-insensitive. Thus if you have 2 MM Tags that differ only in case and they are mapped to IMAP keywords that differ only in case, you could run into trouble if you try to use both in one IMAP mailbox. The behavior of a server when told to create a new keyword differing only in case from an existing keyword in a particular mailbox is undefined.
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