On 13 Mar 2018, at 15:15, Paul Hoffman wrote:

Greetings. I accepted the update to Version 1.11 (5462), and now I kind of regret it. When attempting to access an IMAP server that is very important to me, it fails with:

MailMate encountered the following error: “Server response: “A5 NO Internal Error”. Command attempted: “A5 GETQUOTAROOT INBOX”.”.

Hmm, seems like it might be a server issue, but we'll debug it later.

I have to keep that server offline.

1) How can I help debug?

2) How can I revert. Getting mail from this server is critical to my work.

You can disable the QUOTA support like this in a Terminal window:

        defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmIMAPQuotaDisabled -bool YES

Then relaunch MailMate.

Let me know if that does not help.

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