On 26 Mar 2018, at 23:35, Eric Sharakan wrote:

I just updated to r5467 and have started playing with these features. I've set:

defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmDeleteBehavior -string "markAsDeleted"

...and the delete toolbar button now does just what I want. Nice! I noticed that MmShowDeletedMessages was set to true by default so I didn't need to enable that.

You probably configured it in the past (it already existed).

I'm not interested in the auto-expunge behavior; I prefer to do it manually, so it would be nice to have a dedicated "expunge" toolbar button available. BTW, I do see two identical looking "Delete Message" buttons in the customize toolbar pulldown; might one of them really be for expunging?

I'm afraid that would be very confusing.

Also your mail below references "MmAutomaticExpungeBehavior" while the release notes spell it "MmAutomatickExpungeBehavior".

Thanks, the latter is wrong.

One problem I have is that my "expungeDeletedMessages:" keybinding is no longer working, and with auto-expunging disabled and no dedicated toolbar button I have no way to expunge my mailboxes.

Sorry about that. I believe it's fixed in the test release now.

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