Have you tried without tagging? Here are more or less the steps to follow:

1. create a mailbox “mailinglists”
2. on the tab “mailboxes” check the checkbox “include messages in any submailboxes of this mailbox” 3. inside this mailbox, create a separate smart mailbox for each of your mailing lists
4. create a mailbox “new mail”
5. set the “mailboxes” tab to have
   all of the following mailboxes
      All Messages (or Inbox)
      None of the following mailboxes
         Mailing lists
I hope the indentation carries through properly as it is critical.
6. You can set on the “Conditions” tab “Message not Read” to see only unread messages

The “New Mail” mailbox should show all your mail except those that are in your mailinglists.

For 2 and 3, you can use the simpler setup suggested earlier if your mailinglists are uniform and can be all identified within a single smart mailbox. In my case, for some lists I use List-Id, for others from-address, for others to-address, for some I need to additionally check for an identifier in the subject.

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On 10 Sep 2019, at 18:03, Charlie Clark wrote:

I think I've got this working for me. I've created some additional smart mailboxes (Python, Web, etc.) and put the mailing lists I want in these. I then set a rule for all mailing lists to be tagged as Mailing List. Then I excluded the selected mailing lists from the general mailing list mailbox. Then I set a condition for my accounts and their inboxes to ignore anything tagged mailing list. I initially tried setting the condition tags does not exist for the inboxes but that didn't work as expected.

Okay, this doesn't work quite as expected. Once a new mail arrives on a list, the list gets added to the general Mailing Lists folder but does not appear in the dedicated mailbox. I can appreciate this is because of the slightly circular logic and can work around it, but it would be nice if something like this could be added.

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