What I say to one, I say to all:

First step for Hotmail (MSN, Live, etc... oh yes, and Outlook.com "Consumer" 
emails, as opposed to Office365) is...
Go here (the link in my .Signature) and fill out the form.

You should receive 2 emails, the first arriving almost ( ? ) immediately and 
telling you the ticket number ( SRX nnnnnnnn ID ), and the second telling you 
whether or not Mitigation has been applied.

If you don't receive the first within, say, an hour ( I personally have no idea 
about its SLA, I will ask ) or the second within 24 hours, you may want to 
re-fill out the form. Until the second email is received, the process is 
entirely automatic. If the Mitigation is not to your liking, reply to the 
second email and state your case, and it will be reviewed by a human.

Posting about it to MailOp will only get you this level of detail, and no 
assistance past that unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as it 
appears that something is broken in the Hotmail system. If that is the case, 
you can reach out to me, and I may be able to get things unstuck in the 
process, but I'm instructed by Legal that there is nothing I can do outside the 
Support Funnel, which is described above because it just Does Not Scale. At all.

" What we do for one, we must do for all.
" If we can't do it for all, we can't do it at all.

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Can someone that may help me with delisting a new IP address we use for 
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