Hi Brett,

Information on those errors was posted by Ira Hawkins back in October. Even 
though they are 5xx-level errors it seems they should be treated as a possible 

TWC just implemented new Cloudmark MTAs over the last 2 months that are now 
generating those AUP# rate limit errors.

There are 3 separate codes and depending on which one will produce a 5 min, 1 
hour or 24 hour rate limit block.

spammer_check AUP#1310
spammer_check AUP#1320
spammer_check AUP#1330


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Subject: [mailop] RoadRunner Help?

Not sure if anyone from RoadRunner is on here or can help. We have a client 
that's receiving the below in bounces but the IPs aren't blocked by Road Runner 
and doing some research on the web it seems like a technical set up issue 
possibly? Anyone have suggestions/advice?

550 5.1.0 
 sender rejected AUP#I-1330


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