My name is Mathew Hodges and I’m a Deliverability Engineer with Mailchimp.
We send transactional messages for Zoom via Mandrill. Given the current
global situation, their volume has drastically increased. We are currently
seeing some rejection issues with smtp responses such as :

 451 4.7.650 The mail server [XXX.X.XXX.XX] has been temporarily rate
limited due to IP reputation. For e-mail delivery information, see
https://postmaster.live.com (S3113)

I’d love it if someone from Microsoft could reach out to me directly
regarding the reputation of some new sending IPs we have recently assigned
to them to accommodate for this uptick in sending volume. We’re aware of
the normal support channels, however given the situation we’d like to speak
with someone more directly. Please contact me at mathew.hod...@mailchimp.com
or contact our team at deliv...@mailchimp.com.

Thank you and I will be on the lookout for your response.

Mathew Hodges
Deliverability Engineer
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