When I went to use a Quick Link this morning, I got a popup message that
Quick Links are being retired, and I should save each of them as a browser
bookmark. I also got a pointer to the following excerpt of a larger page
from Google:

• Retiring several Gmail Labs: Gmail Labs serve as a great testing ground
for experimental features. Successful labs graduate, and low usage labs
often retire. With the announcement of Gmail Add-ons, enterprises will soon
gain the ability to add modern integrations in Gmail, which in some cases
will replace or improve the functionality provided by some labs. So in the
coming weeks, we will retire the following Labs: Authentication Icon,
Google Voice Player, Picasa previews, Pictures in chat, Quick Links, Quote
Selected Text, Smartlabels, and Yelp previews. (Expected: No earlier than
April 24, 2017)

(The full page is at

We’ve already discussed he loss of Quote Selected Text. I’m a heavy user of
Quick Links, and will really feel their loss. Is there any to replicate
their functionality in Mailplane, as it doesn’t have “bookmarks” per se?

Thanks much,

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