Thanks for the thorough answer.  That does match what my understanding has
been.  My question arose because I added a data table to PostGIS recently. 
In the Maestro Preview of that data source, the table showed sc_3 as the
spatial context of the table.  The layer showed sc_2 as its selected spatial
context.  SC_3 was a 10TM zone and sc_2 was a UTM11 zone.  The data shift,
when adding the layer to the map, was equal to the difference in the two UTM
zone definitions.

I tried to refresh the spatial contexts list.
I dropped and recreated the layer.
The problem never went away.  

I have not tried to re-create the data source as I have an application with
quite a few layers using this data source.  I have quite a lot of tables in
the database as well as about 9 -10 different spatial contexts.  Tables have
been added and dropped over time.  Maybe I need to vacuum the database or do
some other maintenance to clean it up.

I will try to recreate the data source to see if there is anything related
to that.

Thanks again.

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