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Nice catch on the Ruggles map of New Hampshire; I at least had never noticed
the different states of the map.

David Cobb's "New Hampshire Maps" catches 3 editions, dating them 1817 (item
#94), 1837 (#129), and 1844 (#152), but he does not note the additional

I had a long look at the map on ebay.  I know it seems improbable, but the
"mushy" quality of the printing suggests to me that it may be a reproduction
(See for example the 11th image in the Auctiva set.)  I'd be interested in
your (or others') thoughts on the matter.

Michael Buehler

Boston Rare Maps
88 High Street
Southampton, MA 01073

413.527.4020 (office)
413.813.8323 (cell)

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