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The new MapHist Forum ( ) is very well designed, 
and I believe it will be highly successful. The option to receive notifications 
of new posts via email is not only great, but absolutely essential. I would 
assume those who were in favor of the forum design over the listserv are not 
using the email notifications since one of their stated goals was to de-clutter 
their inboxes. However, the forum (as opposed to the listserv) is still a time 
sink for some of us. Is it possible for the email notifications to include the 
actual new post and a link to it, rather than just a link? It would save a lot 
of time for those of us who don't mind the emails and, from my perspective, 
would make the new forum irresistible, combining the best of the old and new.

Jay L.

Jay Lester
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