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Last fall I received a copy of Martin Bruckner, ed. Early American 
Cartographies. Chapel Hill:  University of North Caroline Press for the 
Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture, 2011.  The 
publication of the book was duly noted on the Map History list.  At about the 
same time, however, another book was also published by the same press for the 
same sponsor, which I did not see mentioned.  Paul W. Mapp's The Elusive West 
and the Conquest for Empire, 1713-1763, 455 pp.39 maps, and 4 plates should be 
of interest to historians of cartography, especially those concerned with North 
America.  Part of the dust jacket reads:  "A truly continental history in both 
its geographic and political scope, The Elusive West and the Conquest for 
Empire investigates eighteenth-century diplomacy involving North America and 
links geographic ignorance about the American West to Europeans' grand 
geopolitical designs.  Breaking from scholars' traditional focus of the 
Atlantic world, Paul Mapp  demonstrates the centrality of hitherto understudied 
western regions to early American history."  Mapp deals with the Spanish, 
French, British and Amerindians ideas about the west, especially the 
transMississippi west.  The volume is well documented (footnotes at the bottom 
of the page, as with the Bruckner volume) with research in the various archives.

Rand Burnette, Professor Emeritus of History, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, 
IL 62650
January 8, 2012
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