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In connection with the Imago Mundi 'Chronicle', I have always approached the 
at this time each year asking for information about recently awarded doctorates.
Dissertations do not have to be exclusively concerned with the history of
cartography, but should treat non-current maps prominently. So far, I know
of the following recent awards (2011 unless stated otherwise):

Jordan Branch
George S. Carhart
Genevieve Carlton
Zoltán Krasznai
Martin Lehmann (2010)
Jeffers L. Lennox (2010)
Angeliki Tsorlini
Gene Rhea Tucker

 Besides being included in 'Chronicle', the details will be added to the
cumulative listing (1995- ) at < >.  I 
am always interested in adding doctorates from several years ago, which I had 
missed, even if these are too late for 'Chronicle'.

This is where YOU come in - by helping to add to that list.

Some of those included in such a list will represent the future of our subject. 
It is important to identify them and find ways to encourage those individuals 
stay with maps.

Besides those named above, I am aware of others who had contacted me
with details of their dissertation.  I will be approaching you shortly but 
respond to this message if you have already received your award. If you have 
moved, I
will not have your correct email address anyway.

Finally, I am aware of a number of other PhD students who are working with
early maps, but whom I have been unable to contact. If this applies to you,
or you know somebody in that position, this would be a good time to email 
me, so that I can include those details on < >.

Thanks for any help.   I look forward to meeting you again on the MapHist Forum.

Tony Campbell

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