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I was about to correct that statement about the printing of
all the MapHist messages in the early years of this discussion
list and see that Peter van der Krogt, the genius and generous
man behind those printings, has already done so.

Nonetheless, David Cobb and I were richly rewarded for
our involvement with MapHist and both have been able to
purchase farms and retire in extraordinary comfort (David
as a "gentleman farmer," me as just an ordinary farmer).

Given that I posted the very first message on MapHist (on
7 March 1994) when David got it up and running at Harvard
University, maybe this one from me will also be the last on
the list....

See you next at the MapHist Forum:

My thanks to all who posted messages during these almost
18 years. Historians of cartography are an unusually friendly
and helpful group of people.


Ed Dahl, 720, chemin Fogarty, Val-des-Monts (Qu├ębec) J8N 7S9, CANADA
     TEL: (819) 671-9721   FAX: (819) 671-9722

On Jan 10, 2012, at 10:30 AM, Peter van der Krogt wrote:
The printed index (1994-2001) (I made them, not gentleman
farmer Ed) will be within a few weeks on the web as pdf files,
the listserv archive (2002-2012) will be transferred to the same
Thus the complete MapHist archives 1994-2012 will be on
line soon. It will be announced on the forum.

At 16:18 10-1-2012, David Cobb wrote:
Times change Bill - that's why Ed and I are both "gentlemen
farmers" now!

On Jan 10, 2012 10:07 AM, Bill Barrow wrote:
        Goodbye MapHist.  Thanks for years of good information
        and community!
        I will see how Facebook works for some, but I still worry
          about long-term retrieval.  Remember when MapHist
          (Ed? David?) published indexed print archives of all the
          posts for the year?

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