Hi everybody

I have got two problem with MapInfo:

Problem 1 is a printer problem. I've been trying to print a file whit a
pixel map to our HP DesignJet650C Plus.
I set in the print dialogue box Properties (of the printer) the option for
Process document  "in computer".
After 2 minutes I get a message "the virtual memory is low". I work with a
Compac Workstation with 196 MB RAM. 
Does anyone know how can I print my map?

Problem 2 is also a printer problem. I want to get my map in Illustrator. To
do this it is necessary to create a postscript file of my map. If I want it
in A0 size I need to use the printer description of our HP DesignJet650C
Plus. The problem is that file it creates isn't a postscript file.

Thanks a lot

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