Does anyone have experience on how to efficiently import maps into freehand v8 from 

My client has a process already set up which involves a fairly long winded process 
exporting to MIF from MapInfo and importing into Freehand via mapPublisher, some of 
which has  been automated. 

This process takes a long time particularly because all line styles need to be set 
within Freehand each time.

Is there any way for freehand to have line styles and colour set automatically upon 
import from MapPublisher, depending upon the style (in MapInfo) or other attribute 
setting?. It is also important to keep the attributes from MapInfo such as Road Names, 
which seems to discount formats such as WMF or Cutting and Pasting.

My clients staff currently spend in excess of 15 hours per week importing files into 
freehand  and applying freehand styles to these and I would like to find a way to 
automate this.

Thanks for any help or advice. If anyone else is interested in the solution please let 
me know and I will send a response summary.

Carl Nunn

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