At 03:19 PM 06/30/1999 -0700, Ewa Plachta wrote:
>When trying to erase objects (green areas) from other objects-target 
>(Wards, Enumeration Districts), the software performs the operation, 
>spatially, however it erases everything from the target browser. I tried 
>different versions using blank/value/area proportion of data 
>dissagregation, although the value option seems to be correct (maintains 
>the original value of the targeted object).
>does anybody know why ? and how to overcome the problem?
>(Obviously I need attributes associated with spatial objects!)

It sounds like you may be working with a selection and not the base table. 
When you perform operations on objects, it really deletes the object and 
creates new one(s). Your view of the selection is based on the internal 
RowID. Those selected items that you altered are re-written at the end of 
the table, if you look in the browser. Your function is probably working 
properly, just perform your select query again, or go back to the base 
table and view the results.

Steve Wallace
GIS & Market Information Manager
Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

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