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Peter Laulund
01-07-99 09:56

Til:   Steven Heapy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
VedrÝrende:    Vedr: MI Search for object within an object  (Document link
       not converted)

Hi Steven

Try this

First you select the main object,  then you write this in the MapBasic

Dim MainObj as object
Fetch first from selection
MainObj = Selection.obj
Select * from ParcelsTab where AreaOverlap(obj, MainObj) > 0

Note this:
all your parcels has to be closed objects, and if you have topological
errors in your object you will get and error

Peter Laulund
National Survey and Cadastre, Denmark

Steven Heapy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> - 01-07-99 03:08:18

cc:      (bcc: Peter Laulund/MI/KMS)
VedrÝrende:    MI Search for object within an object

Could you please help I'm trying to select all the parcels / objects
that are within or partly within a given object.
The within operater only selects those parcels that have their centroid
within the object and I can't use intersects as this gives all the
adjoining parcels that are not relevant, is there another function that
will select any parcels/objects thare are within or partially within the
main object.

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