I am building an internet site that allows users to search for medical care
providers withing a certain range of their house.  Because of the
exceptional table size, it makes the most sense to store the data in MS SQL
7.0 tables(plus besides Access it's all we have).  My company just bought
MapXsite to perform this process and then display a map of the selected
provider.  I'm pretty familiar with ASP and I've gotten the Locations
sample application to work with a subset of our data, but really what I'm
trying to do is to link to a SQL 7.0 database and use a geocoded table
there to perform a search, or even run a query there and display the
results on the MapXSite created map.

So my question is this:
I'm pretty new to MapXSite and the rest of the MapInfo products.  And I
can't seem to find an explicit example of an ODBC link either in ASP or
otherwise.  Where can I look?
Thanks for your time.
Philip Kearney
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