Greetings, List.

A point file (cities) has a numeric field (population). A thematic
map is produced with Point Ranges, with a setting of circles arranged
by size.

Strangely (?) enough, there is no consistency as to how these circles
overlap. Some of the large circles overlap smaller ones, and some of
the large circles are overlapped by the small ones. I tried sorting 
the file by population, saving it that way, recreating all the 
graphics (after the sort) and using it as the base file for 
thematics. Same result.

One would expect that the drawing of symbols in a THEMATIC map would
be in the sequence of the values being "themed" and thus either the
largest symbols would be drawn first and the smaller ones would be
visible above it, or the largest symbols would be drawn last,
concealing all, or part, of the smaller symbols underneath it.

Has anyone found a method to actually achieve the  consistent effect
described above?

TIA to all responders.

Best regards,
Alex Eshed
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