>You wrote:
>Creating buffers in Cosmetic Layer should be same Spherical/Cartesian as in
>mapper projection. I'm creating  5 mile buffer into the cosmetic layer on
>top of a window in Long/Lat NAD83, and it comes out as an ellipse in the
>Cosmetic Layer. Create the same buffer in the table itself, and it's right.
>Update: Now things are getting worse. Same buffer, different source point.
>Now it makes the 5 mile buffer larger than the entire state of Florida
>(actually, can't tell how big it would have been, it stops at the map's
>Yes, we are aware of this problem. To get around the problem, create the 
>in the same layer as the point selected for creating the buffer.  Or, put the
>layer of the selected object for creating the buffer in a map window by itself
>and the buffer will be created properly in the cosmetic layer.  The problem
>occurs when there are layers in the map window with different projections.
>MapInfo Technical Support

Steve Wallace
GIS & Market Information Manager
Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

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