Using MapInfo/MapBasic 5.0, I want to write a module that turns on labels
for a selection.  The old way of putting labels in the cosmetic layer is


However, I cannot find a reasonable way to do it using the new way that MI
labels (using label attribute).  I know I could add the selection as another
layer and turn on labeling for the new layer but that is not an option in
this application.  I need to label the original layer/selection directly.

The only way that I've found is to turn on labelling for the layer and then,
one by one, turn off the labels that are not part of the selection using the
Object clause of Set Map.  This is very slow, using 2 pages of code,
especially w/ large tables.  

Is there a way to turn on labeling for a layer but keep everything invisible
except for the selection?  Is there another solution?

Also, MI's documentation of the Object clause is ridiculous: edit labels,
save a workspace and look at the workspace file to see examples. (MB Ref
Guide, p.495)  Sounds like the boys in documentation got lazy w/ that one.

Mike Sidorowicz

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