Hi all,

a query was made a few days ago about MapInfo user groups in Brisbane
(capital of sunny Queensland/Australia), please refer to response below;

In response to a query on MapInfo User Group's in Brisbane, ERSIS Australia
would like to make MapInfo users aware of a user group hosted three times a
year.  Typical attendance at this group is approximately 100, and
compromises of users of MapInfo through to IT Managers.  The August User
Group is occurring on the 19th August with registration at 1.45pm.  For more
details, contact Ruth Sleeman, ERSIS Australia on email [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Sean Richards
ERSIS Australia
Level 2 436 St Kilda Rd, PO Box 3055.   Telephone   +61 3 986 77322
Melbourne. VIC. 3004. Australia.        Facsimile     +61 3 986 77422
Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]               

On the web at http:\\www.ersis.com.au
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