There are many problems connected with WMF export. Some may come from the
WMF format itself and how MI manages it; that is the area of colour and
pattern reproduction. But not every trouble may be MI responsability because
the same WMF may yield different results with different software (none are
good, some are worse). And we are not bringing "printers" in the discussion!
We had to run many tests to find some very simple colour/pattern scheme that
would hold up in WMF, in Word, in print and in PDF. Simple? 3 plain colours.

But there is another feature in the exportation of Layout windows: MI screws
up the image and does not export it to scale; the exported image has the
right overall size (specified in the window size export requester and
including 'margins') but the effective "image" of the layout (within
'margins' area) is reduced in size by about 6% and its origin (upper left
corner) in displaced in x and y by different values.

Someone mentioned that exporting layouts will add "margins" compared to what
happens with a mapper export; that is true, but those margins are unequally
larger than those obtained by printing the layout directly, and this is the
result of the MI bug. I made MI aware of it, they acknowledged it but I was
not given any indication of when they will fix it.

And this bug affects all the the window export formats, raster as well as

And I have not find a way around either problem, colour/pattern and layout

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