I have recently received some DOQ's that I
want to use in MapInfo.
They are doq.tif images with a doq.tfw world

My question is how do I bring the file into
MapInfo in a projection, 
instead of having to register it. I have a
local contact that uses Arcview
and Arc/Info and their Esri products read the
doq files and display it in UTM, 
no registering required.

I do not mean to start a compare of ESRI to
MapInfo here. I simply am
looking for a way to do the same in MapInfo.
If I display the image, it
seems to not be in UTM. 

I found the doq_view on mapinfo_l ftp site,
however, it works on doq.jpeg images.
I tried saving the doq.tif file as a doq.jpeg
image and when MapInfo started to load 
it, it asked for the doq.jph file. Thinking
it was looking for the doq.tfw - world file,
I copied and renamed it to doq.jph, to which
no success was found. 

Please help.

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