Non-earth maps can be defined for one of 8 different units
(in,ft,y,mi,mm,cm,m,km) but there are another 5 types of distance unit
(survey ft, li,rd,ch and nmi). I am able to generate maps in these units,
with a
        create map for ... coordsys nonearth units "rd" bounds ...
and they seem to perform well.

However, when I query the projection of such maps I receive a plain lon/lat
(default when MI does not find the exact projection in its .prj file). For a
non-earth, that prj has a line like
        "Non-Earth (millimeters)", 0, 5
The numbers 0 to 7 identify the 8 units mentionned above.

Would it be possible to add new projections for the 5 other units and what
could be their id?


Jacques Paris
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