This is a continuation of an old thread (same name). I'm maintaining
a webapge for this issue at

The original complaint was (is):

I have two buffers with exactly the same characteristics (same
table, pattern, colour, width, and layer) but they don't display
or plot the same. One is transparent, the other isn't. This isn't 
the first map this has happened with.


Since the workspace opens fine on a different computer which is
exactly the same except for the video card (Elsa Gloria XL) the
vid driver was the cuplrit, for a time. However booting in Standard 
VGA also replicates the problem. Also, the buffer which should-be-
transparent plots non-transparently. Images of this problem can
be found on the web page mentioned above.

As always, anybody who can shed light on the subject will have
eternal gratitude and ML fame. :)


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