I have been asked how the object embedding works, it is covered in the 
reference manual under the term drag map window, but basically it goes 
something like this:

The tool on the button bar is called drag map window (next to the label 
tool).  You first set your desktop up so that you have both mapinfo and 
coreldraw (or word for that matter) open in separate windows and you can 
see both programs at the same time.  You need the map you wish to put in 
coreldraw active in Mapinfo and the document you want to put the map in 
visible in coreldraw.

You click on the tool when you have a map window active, and the hand on 
the icon will grab the handle (very cute).  You then hold the mouse down 
while you move the icon over the document in coreldraw.  The icon will 
change to show a plus sign.  Let the mouse button go and you will get the 
map into your coreldraw document.  You can now close mapinfo, but if you 
double click on the map in coreldraw, you can get some menu options to 
change the map as well.  It has the added advantage that it is also 
sensative to data changes.

Evidently copy/ paste will also work according to the manual.

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