The Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay will pass within one hour's drive of 85
per cent of the Australian population, travel over 27,000 kilometres and be
carried by 10,000 Torchbearers in what is the longest Torch Relay in
Olympic history.

I am finding how many, if any, volunteers there may be out there with
skills in MapInfo. Whilst we have a pool of talented volunteers here at the
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, skills in MapInfo are not that easy to come by!

I am looking for volunteers to perhaps assist with some of the mapping of
the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay. You may be using MapInfo at university
as part of your course, and are looking for a chance to apply some of your
knowledge of MapInfo. What universities are using the software in Sydney?

Some of the maps I need help with include Celebration Sites, individual
torchbearer maps, route maps for each day, to name a few.

* Celebration Sites: each day of the Torch Relay includes a lunch and
evening celebration. We require hand drawn maps from each of the 200 venues
to be converted into "real world" MapInfo maps that can be added as a layer
on the route. In many cases we have aerial photos that need to be
registered and traced. The maps show the path of the torchbearer from the
street to the stage, plus the locations of stage trucks, crew break area,
crowd positioning etc .

* Route Maps: we need to make artworked maps for each day of the Relay.
Someone with skills in getting data out of MapInfo into something useful
for presentation purposes (Illustrator 7 on NT) would be welcomed!

You will need to have access to a licensed copy of MapInfo Professional. Or
perhaps you can contribute a few hours at our headquarters in Ultimo,
Sydney Australia.

Interested? Email me at mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Ant Burnett
Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch Relay

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