Saturn Technologies ( formed to deliver complete transportation solutions

Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK, July 1st - Landair International Ltd (Salisbury, UK) ( and Aqua-Logic Ltd (Christchurch, UK) announce the formation of Saturn Technologies, a wholly independent company, in order to deliver products and solutions to the transportation, logistics and in-vehicle communications market. The combination of strengths and complementary products from the two companies will enable Saturn Technologies to strive towards their goal of providing a total logistics solution.

Landair International and Aqua-Logic have previously shown the benefits of their combined approach with the development of SENTRY( - a command and communication product providing real-time benefits and security to fleet operations. SENTRY delivers reduced base-to-vehicle communication costs, peace of mind security and increased customer confidence through instant mobile asset tracking. The formation of Saturn Technologies ensures the continued focused development and delivery of the SENTRY product range.

Other complementary products to be provided from Saturn Technologies will include the Iso-Route ( product range. Iso-Route is a low cost yet functionality rich routing component for application developers who wish to provide their users with best route/quickest route answers along with drive time analysis. Founded on the premise that routing should be both low cost and data independent, Iso-Route is already in use by application developers around the world (including the UK, USA, South Africa, Portugal and Taiwan). Saturn Technologies intend to provide Iso-Route with even further functionality with an ambitious development programme. This should ensure that Iso-Route will indeed be the routing component of choice for discerning application developers.

Saturn Technologies will also become the primary outlet for the Aqua-Logic ruggedised PC range. Highly robust and designed to withstand the rigours of both the maritime and military environment, this hardware is in use in boats, factories and on military operations. SENTRY is delivered in same robust manner to ensure a long and robust life for equipment designed to provide trouble-free for a considerable length of time.

Saturn will continue to provide a wide range of map based applications based upon the MapInfo range of desktop mapping products.

With leading edge software and a highly flexible hardware capability, Saturn Technologies will be a cost effective and responsive solution provider to both the transportation and logistics markets. Saturn will be based in Ringwood, Hampshire.

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