We have just added two new mbx that could be of help for people working with
non-earth maps. You will find them in the "Shareware-Unregistered" section


CONVBNDS transfers the objects of a non-earth table to another one with new
bounds and also new coord unit (any of the 13 existing) if needed. Objects
straddling the new bounds or completely out off bounds are stored in a table
with the original bounds/unit definition preventing object distortions.

VU_BNDS generates a table with two "rectangles" showing the common (minimum)
bounds of all the tables in a mapper and the MBR of all the objects in those
tables. Will process only non-earth maps in any of the 13 units used by MI.

The document "Dealing with bounds in non-earth maps" is included in both zip

To use the full 13 units, one should modify the PRJ file to read as the
latest message of tech supp on the subject, i.e. add the last 5 lines.

"--- Non-Earth ---"
"Non-Earth (inches)", 0, 2
"Non-Earth (feet)", 0, 3
"Non-Earth (yards)", 0, 4
"Non-Earth (miles)", 0, 0
"Non-Earth (millimeters)", 0, 5
"Non-Earth (centimeters)", 0, 6
"Non-Earth (meters)", 0, 7
"Non-Earth (kilometers)", 0, 1
"Non-Earth (US Survey Feet)", 0, 8
"Non-Earth (Nautical Miles)", 0, 9
"Non-Earth (Links)", 0, 30
"Non-Earth (Chains)", 0, 31
"Non-Earth (Rods)", 0, 32

I hope some of you will enjoy those new tools. I remain very receptive to
any comments, suggestions ...

Jacques Paris
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