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We upgraded this morning to Access 2000 and found that MapInfo cannot create
a new table in Access 2000 using the 'create table' command.  I'm still
running version 5.0.  Does anyone know if v5.5 can create tables in Access

If not, then this note serves as a warning to fellow mappers and a call to
action on the part of MapInfo to fix this.

For the moment, I'm going to have to rewrite a lot of code to export to DBF
and then import to Access manually.  :(


Yes, we are aware of this problem.  You can get around this problem by opening
the Access database through File>Open ODBC\DBMS Table instead of opening it
through File>Open Table.  Here is the URL to a document in our Knowledgebase on
the MapInfo web site that refers to this problem:

MapInfo Technical Support

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