I had the same situation here.  This one is a bit tricky and I didn't figure
it out until someone on the list helped me.

Normally you can reproject your data by doing FILE->SAVE AS (there's a
projection button in the dialog box that appears).  Unfortunately this won't
work because there is a problem trying to reproject Non-Earth to a real
projection. Here's the what you have to do: 

Warning: when I did this with my Non-Earth data everything already had State
Plane coordinates.  Whoever brought it into MapInfo originally (probably
from a DXF file) didn't bother to specify it was State Plane so it became
Non-Earth since that is the default apparently.  If your Non-Earth data
doesn't have essentially State Plane coordinates associated with it, then I
really don't think this will work.

1. Find some data that is not Non-Earth; even the sample data that comes
with MapInfo will do. Bring it into MapInfo.

2. Do a FILE->SAVE AS and save it in the State Plane Coord. System you want.

3. Bring that new layer in, and then export it as an MIF (TABLE->EXPORT).

4. Export your Non-Earth data to MIF, too.

5. Open the MIF file of the sample data in a text editor (like Word in
Windows) and copy the line that has the coordinate information on it.  It
will all be on one line, about 4 lines down.  It will say something like:
"CoordSys Earth Projection 3, 62, "survey ft", -111.5, ...."

6. Open the MIF of you Non-Earth data in a text editor also and replace its
coord info line with the one you copied from the sample data.  Then save it.

7. Import your previously Non-Earth data (the now-altered MIF) back into
MapInfo and you should be set.

Hope that works for you. 

Phil Uhl
Salt Lake City

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Greetings All:  I inherited a Non-Earth projection map with 6 tables. I now
need to add some tables that are in a State Plane Projection.  I'd rather
convert the Non-Earth map tables to State Plane, but I can't seem to find a
way to do that either in the manuals or by finding an .MBX at the
Clearinghouse WEB site that would do the transformation.  Whatever the
method, has to be free.

....thanks   ...Bob

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