At 02:19 PM 07/12/1999 +0100, Gareth Hardman wrote:
>Has any one bought the book entitled "Minding Your Business with MapInfo" 
>by Whitener & Davis? If so what were your requirements - did it fulfil 
>them - i.e. is it worth the purchase?
>Gareth Hardman

I got it for free (as a "thank you" for participation in the MI Pro 5.0 
beta test process), and thought it was worth every penny I paid for it.

Seemed to me it was simply a compilation of loose documentation of some of 
the mapping projects they had done for clients. It really didn't get into 
any depth on details or theory. I believe I threw it away, or I'd send you 
my copy.

Steve Wallace
GIS & Market Information Manager
Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies

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