> Has any one bought the book entitled "Minding Your Business with MapInfo" by
> Whitener & Davis? If so what were your requirements - did it fulfil them -
> i.e. is it worth the purchase? 
> Gareth Hardman
> Saturn Technologies
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Another book on MapInfo worth a look is "Inside MapInfo Professional -
 2nd Edition", 496 pages, published 1999 by On Word Press.

This is a User Friendly Guide to MapInfo, not a rehash of the MapInfo 
User manual.  The tutorial section has 12 chapters that cover basic 
and advanced functionality.  All chapters include demonstrations and 
examples utilize a companion CD-ROM that is included.  The Case 
Studies section presents examples in 5 different industries.

We are offering the book free, with MapInfo 5.5 upgrade orders.  
Details at http://www.tetrad.com

Wilson Baker

Tetrad Computer Applications Inc.
internet site  http://www.tetrad.com
call toll-free 1-800-663-1334
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