On page 377 of the MapInfo 5.5 Users Guide the syntax is given for a
'Tesselation Error Workaround for Oracle 8.1.5'. 

Firstly, What is the Tesselation Error? The manual ownly mentions how to fix
it and does not describe the problem.

Secondly, I've entered the workaround but on executing it in Oracle get the
error 'invalid column name' refering to the SDO_RTREE_SEQ_NAME column. On
investigating I find that the table SDO_INDEX_METADATA_TABLE does not
contain this column, or any of those that begin with SDO_RTREE_.

What's wrong and what should I do? Do I create these columns in
SDO_INDEX_METADATA_TABLE, remove them from the workaround or is there
something that I'm missing?

Another question, how do I upload a MapInfo table to Oracle 8i Spatial? I
cannot find any logical program on the MI 5.5 CD so what .mbx do you use and
where is it? 

Thanks for your help.

Chris Prescott
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