List Participants,

There is much to admire about MapInfo-L; most of us have our "war stories"
to tell about how the list, through Bill Thoen's remarkable efforts, has
aided our work and volunteer efforts.

Surely the two MapInfo Professional Wish Lists (1997 and 1999) and the
seriousness with which they were taken by the MapInfo Professional
development team belong in that list of highlights.  Directions Magazine
(and its founders, in their prior lives) has great admiration both for the
Wish List and for MapInfo Corporate's extraordinarily positive responses.

That's why we asked Steve Wallace to join us in extending the benefits of
the "Wish List" idea, born at MapInfo-L, to products across the entire GIS
community.  Steve agreed, and today we launch the Directions Wish List
Directory as the first phase of implementation of that idea:

We have extended the Wish List idea to all products in GIS.  And by placing
the 140 wishes of your most recent MapInfo Professional Wish List into SQL
tables, we've been able to add a bit of functionality (as well as show the
rest of the GIS world how this thing is done!).  These new features include:

* cookie-based voting with real-time results
* real-time updates of submitted wishes
* browser-based uploads of images to explicate wishes
* sorts by author, date, # of votes, and category
* cross-product queries, such as "top 20 wishes"

You will note that all MapInfo votes have been set to zero to ensure the
integrity of our one-vote-one-wish system.  So please, vote on the MapInfo
Professional Wish List, add new wish lists of your own, and let us hear how
we can make this an even more valuable resource.


Scott Elliott

Steve Wallace

Directions Magazine

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