I'm using it, and I must say I can't "map" without. I know you can do nice and 
fast things in MapInfo's Layout, but when it comes to 
pressing/printing/distribution and so on you really need MAPublisher. It may 
take a little more time to do maps in Adobe Illustrator (via MAPublisher) than 
in MapInfo-Layout, but the output is great:
- CMYKcolors and EPS-files, just like the professional do it.
- PDF-files to post to Internet etc.

About the price:
I've already eared that money many times since installing the 
"plug-in".....after all the cost is about the same a graphic designer takes for 
2-3 hours of work....

Best reg. Rune
ps: Nope, I don't get paid to say this..he-he-ehh...do I Susan?
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